The Scottish Referendum & British State Control :


From beginning to end, the Scottish Referendum played out like a farce. It began with the signing of a ‘Section 30’ by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the then Scottish First Minister & SNP Leader Alex Salmond. This was known as‘The Edinburgh Agreement.’

The signing of a Section 30 also meant in effect that during polling time of 6am & 10pm on Thursday 18th Sept, 2014 – Scotland was a free country ruled by no-one. The author can assure you the air never smelled sweeter than on that day.

The YES – To Scottish Independence and NO – Better Together campaigns started in earnest,quickly descending into a propaganda war,the likes of which we’d never seen before.

Eighteen months of canvassing voters,as well as newspaper, radio and tv advertising, culminated in the YES camp slightly edging ahead to 52% support in an independent poll, ten days before polling day. This resulted in a whirlwind of anti-independence activity that even blew those who predicted its onslaught off their feet.

Hurricane Nawbag :

Nicknamed ‘Hurricane Nawbag’ [ American readers can equate this to the term ‘Douchebag’ related to the NO campaign ] – the wind of doom was blasted full force into the face of the Scottish electorate and any wavering NO voters were quickly pulled back on-side.

Predictions of banks closing and moving to London, supermarket prices rocketing, oil running out in five years and pensions being lost, scared the elder generation of the electorate half-to-death.

Scotland would be kicked out of the EU, kicked out of NATO and kicked out of everything else you can possibly think of! Cast adrift in a hostile sea, rudderless without a compass and no safe port in view. This was the pro-union propaganda line of the day.

In the event of a YES vote, the ‘Better Together’ declaration that Scotland wouldn’t know which currency it would be using on the 19th Sept, as it couldn’t keep the Pound Sterling, as well as the Queen’s intervention on behalf of the NO camp sealed the deal and the Scots were left in no doubt that independence would effectively mean the death of their country.

You’ve never seen London based politicians rushing to Scotland so quickly than happened during the final week of campaigning. The ‘3 Amigos’ – David Cameron [ Tories ] Ed Miliband [ Labour Party ] & Nick Clegg [ Liberal Democrats ] of the main British Unionist parties vowed that Scotland would gain ‘Devo Max’ if we voted NO, which equated to a promise of Home Rule, still to be delivered.

In short, every trick in the book was tried by the British State to keep Scotland in the union…

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From ‘Meritocracy : A Revolution Of The Mind’ by Seán Gearárd McCloskey


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